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The link between the student housing, academic complexes and library has been balanced with care. Given this functional consideration, Library has been made a central and a dominant place in the whole campus design. Library has been centrally placed between the Academic areas, housing and the Convention center. In the dispersed option, Library lies in an equal proximity to all the schools and the convention centers.         

Academic Zones

Academic Activities and related services include:

  • Teaching and Research areas for each discipline including a 2000 sq.ft. laboratory space.

  • Library with provision for 500,000 books.

  • Convention facilities including a Computer center for 500 work stations, capable of operating wired or wireless world wide.

  • An auditorium with 1500 seating capacity and

  • Offices for Administration and Management.

Teaching Areas:

Teaching areas include lecture halls for about hundred (100) students at  20 sq.ft. per student. Minimum of two lecture halls are required for four batches. Beside the halls, seminar and meeting rooms as tutorial space are located for group teaching. Rooms for faculties are proposed within this area in addition to the provision for development of Library.  


Within the academic areas will be located the laboratories. At this juncture 2,000 sqft. area is proposed for the laboratories to handle equipment which may be large size, or may require large open yards. 

Research Fields

Besides the built up lab area, open fields to carry out research in environmental studies, medicinal sciences and engineering, 1400 acres of open fields are presently reserved. 

Academic Administration and Services:

Within each discipline, area has been made available  and proposed for secretarial working and fast services such as toilets, drinking water and with stores, etc. In addition 40 % of space has been catered for circulation, lobby, and lounging. This include courtyards and passageways.   

High Tech Interior:

In designing the academic areas and convention facilities care has been taken in creating interiors where high tech equipment and technologies may be used. At the same time, thought has been given to developing structures and forms to depict perfection and logic of science and technologies.  


The library is expected to contain about five hundred thousand books. Study areas for students in the library is calculated on the basis of 15% students using it at a hane. 50% of these students are expected to occupy study barrels, 20% will occupy study tables taking up 25 sq.ft per student, and 5% will use lounge chairs. For about 4000 students in Phase 1, a total of 5000 sq.ft. has been foreseen. In addition to this, 40% of this area will be meant to house library administration, services like toilets storage, etc. Library function in (binding, repairing, cataloging, etc.), fort lobbies, aisles and book exhibits. This brings the total area for library to about 60,000 sq.ft.  

Convention Facilities:

Convention center is proposed to be built as a part of library cum convention complex. It will consist of an auditorium, a computer center, a large conference room with provision for division into smaller ones, five seminar or workshop spaces with provision for being combined, an audio video room, banquet facilities and coffee lounge, exhibition areas, and services and administration sections. 


The auditorium is proposed to seat 1500 expandable to 2500 and will include back stage facilities and a hall for rehearsal. 5000 sq.ft area is proposed for the auditorium including 600 sq.ft for 1500 audience.  

Computer Center: 

Computer center will cater for 500 workstations and facilities for mainframe and satellite communication is proposed to be spread over about 2500 sq.ft. At 8 sq.ft per person the workstation will take 4000 sq.ft of space, while the rest will be used to house the telecommunication facilities and training and software development areas. Computer center will provide telecommunication facility and help in resource generation and development. The center will work as a main training and software development center, beside acting as an outreach for the institute's research studies.  

Conference Facilities:

Conference, seminar and workshops spaces will cover 6750 sq.ft area. In the first Phase, the institute may start functioning with a flexible 4000 sq.ft space to house these functions. 

Audio-Video Rooms:

Audio-Video room will house cassette libraries and special illumination and sound control zones for listening and watching the cassettes. A total of 2500 sq.ft area is initially reserved for it to house 20000 video (1100 sq.ft) and 50000 audio cassettes (500 sq.ft). Rest of the area is for watching and listening stations. The design will incorporate provisions for expansion and division, as actual requirement capacity is determined. 

Banquet And Exhibition Facilities:.

Banquet facilities for 600 persons at 30 sq.ft per student will require 18000 sq.ft space. Initially this facility may be built for 250 with extra space (600 sq.ft) for a coffee lounge. This includes preparation and serving space. Exhibition area including reception is proposed in addition to circulation and lobby space.

Convention Management: 

Administration and service area for convention center, including secretarial services, fax, printing areas and preparation rooms will cover about 3200 sq.ft.   

Administrative Areas:

The Administration block is proposed to house offices for Rector and Deans, examination controller, registrar, general administration, finance section and maintenance staff. Approximately 8000 sq.ft area is reserved for rectors offices including offices of deans, meeting rooms and secretarial services. Examination control, registration, administration, finance and maintenance section will include record room, services and equipment and offices. 


Housing include:

Student Housing

1,280,725 sq.ft

Faculty Housing

 888,200 sq.ft

Staff Housing  

347,600 sq.ft


2,516,525 sq.ft

Student Housing:

Student housing facilities are of three types; Blocks having single rooms 150 sq.ft per student, Apartments 175 sq.ft per student and Married accommodation 200 sq.ft per student. Married accommodations are to be provided for 90% of doctoral students and 5% of Masters students. Apartments are proposed to be provided for remaining Masters and Doctoral students. Of the total block accommodations, 25% are to be provided for females students. 

Faculty Housing:

Faculty housing is proposed to be provided to all the teaching staffs. For professors and chairman, 2500 - 4000 sq.ft per faculty is proposed, while for other teaching staff 1800 sq.ft per faculty is provided. In addition, for research assistants 1000  sq.ft per research assistant is proposed. 

Staff Housing:

Staff housing is proposed for all Executives and 30% of the rest of the staff. This is because most of the junior staff is expected to be employed from Bahawalpur. Accommodations for Executives are proposed to cover 2500 sq.ft per Executive. For the rest, 1800 sq.ft per family is proposed.

Community Facilities and Services:

Community facilities related to housing include Post Office, Fax and Telephone, Grocery and Laundry, Bank, Barber and other shops, Bookstore and Stationary, Duplicating area, Mosque, Health center, Educational units, Repairs and Services, Food and Party areas including cafeteria, private dining spaces, restaurants and coffee shops, hobby and Recreation areas including games rooms, hobby clubs, TV and music rooms, Art spaces and quiet areas, and student management spaces such as Liaison and coordination, information and security, ticket, delivery and complaints booth.

Separation and Division of Spaces:

Each of the broad category of spaces defined above may be divided and or separated as found suitable. For example the area for Mosque may be divided into one big Mosque area plus mosques.

Sports and Outdoor Facilities:

Sports and outdoor facilities include Gymnasium for indoor sports (6000 sq.ft), Swimming pools (half an acre), grounds and fields for Track events, Soccer, cricket, Hockey (7 acres), courts for Basketball, Tennis, Volleyball, Badminton and Squash (2.5 acres) and facilities such as Rowing and Boating, Golf and Parking areas (600 acres).




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