International trends in higher education have been reviewed and the objectives of engineering and scientific education have been defined in the light of national economic needs. It was established that there was a need for the training and education of engineers and scientists for two separate functions which would require streaming of engineer's training into Practice and Academic oriented degree programs.

Foundation for the Advancement of Engineering Sciences and Advanced Technologies (FASAT) is an NGO established in Pakistan with the objective of promoting Scientific  Engineering Education and research compatible with the most advanced countries in the world.

After due deliberation, discussions and consultation with the members of Board of Directors, Prime Minister, Chief Minister of all the provinces, scholars and in the light of the two conditions that the land must be unfit for agriculture and not be the private property of anyone. The land meeting these conditions could only be found near Bahawalpur. Hence FASAT as its first project decided to establish a Bahawalpur Institute of Advance Technology (BIAT). In reality it is the foundation for building a CITY OF SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY.

BIAT will not merely be an institution for those interested in a degree or to get a job. Its aim is to educate and train to THINK, CREATE, INNOVATE and PRODUCE in line with the aspiration of  the nation. It shall promote the most liberal attitude towards scholarship and learning only  through freedom of thought, the institution can become the conscience of professional disciplines.  The main aim of these efforts is to develop a dynamic, efficient and self-reliant institution which will impart  engineering and technological education matching the highest standards of internationally recognized professional excellence.

The institute will function under an independent and autonomous regime to conduct academic and research activities, award degrees, diplomas and honors and establish connections with other national and international institutions. Thus, BIAT will strive to become a part of the global education network.




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