The major objectives of Bahawalpur Institute of Advanced Technology are to:

  • Develop/produce high level Scientific and Technical manpower.

  • Accelerate attainment of high level capabilities in emerging fields of national importance.

  • Provide R&D support to key sectors of the national economy.

  • Provide advanced training and research facilities to business, industry and other organizations with a view to develop new technology and increase productivity.

  • Adapt and improve the existing technologies for further development.

  • Establish capabilities in design, techno-economic studies, engineering and fabrication facilities for undertaking pilot plant studies with a view to exploring the results of R&D.

  • Establish linkages with universities, industry and R&D organizations within and outside Pakistan.

  • Establish specialized inter-disciplinary centers in the areas of national importance.

  • Provide training, re-training in education and research to scientists and engineers of the developing and friendly countries.

  • Undertake contract research and consultancy services.

  • To establish, at a later stage, other technological disciplines including School of Contemporary Medicine.




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