During 1990, the then Prime Minister of Pakistan, requested Admiral Iftikhar A. Sirohey, then Chairman Joint Chiefs of Staff Committee, to prepare a Development Plan for the nation to enable it to ensure its existence as a self-reliant country with dignity and self-respect. The tasks entrusted was taken in hand by the Admiral. After a number of meetings, discussions, exchange of ideas and brain storming sessions a report was prepared and submitted to the Prime Minister. A capacious plan was made accordingly. Through these discussions the Admiral learned of the abysmal state of technical knowledge in the country . The current technical education was almost non existent. There was neither teaching nor learning. Our technical degrees were not accepted. This knowledge shaped the course for rest of his life. 

After his retirement from Chairman JCSC on 10 November 1991, he decided to devote rest of his life for the promotion of Technical Educational in the country . From November 1991 to end 1992, the Admiral kept himself engaged in the preparation of the basic plan to meet the objective.  

Foundation for the Advancement of Engineering Sciences and Advanced Technologies  (FASAT) was accordingly planned to be established by Admiral Iftikhar. A. Sirohey in 1991 with a firm conviction that the prosperity of the people and the integrity and security of the country cannot be ensured without prowess in the technical field. It was absent to extent of ignorance . Going through various stages the Foundation was formally registered in February 1993.



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