The question threatening the world today is of survival. Depleting natural resources are forcing man to develop sustainable planning strategies and innovation is required with more efficient technologies. Pakistan, one of the developing country suffers from poverty, pestilence, disease and burgeoning population due to illiteracy. The only way out of this dilemma is the increase in productivity, and that can only be brought about through education. A system of education is required that cultivates initiative, enterprise and the technical know-how to go with it. 

To enable Pakistan to progress as a nation it is essential that a critical mass of people is produced who can  grasp the present  day  knowledge  and technologies  in  the  world and 

interpret it, so that interface with advanced societies of the world is structured with competence . Admiral Iftikhar Ahmed Sirohey during his service observed the progressive deterioration in the technical education standards. He decided to dedicate his life after retirement for the reversal of this abysmal state of affair. After a long deliberation and discussions with eminent scientists, scholars, engineers and those who have the love of mankind, it was the general consensus that there could be no better service to mankind in general, developing countries in particular and Pakistan in specific. Foundation for the Advancement of Engineering  Sciences and Advanced Technologies (FASAT) was established with Admiral Iftikhar Sirohey as its Chief Executive. It was decided to build modern Institutes to impart technical education of highest quality and in  most advanced disciplines of engineering sciences and technologies. As its first project, it was decided to built Bahawalpur Institute of Advanced Technologies (BIAT) to achieve the objective. 



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